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Seminar - Mother - Daughter Workshop

Seminar - Mother - Daughter Workshop

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I have had mothers asking me, "how can I stop my baby hair from breaking". Some have had concerns about relaxer or natural, I have come to find that they still have questions for healthy hair. If you are having some concern, I want to help you and understand with all the miss emotion about now to take care of hair today, with all the different textures of hair. Yes there are so many texture of hair and products, But you must remember everyone and products doesn't work for everyone. This is why I developed my workshop for mothers,  to help with techniques hair and products to healthier and longer hair. 


Do you have some of these concern below?

  • 1. Her hair is breaking
  • 2. Are you having a hard time managing her hair?
  • 3. Is her hair dry and scalp itchy?
  • 4. Her hair isn't growing
  • 5. Does she fell bad about her hair texture? 

If so, I want to help you with your daughter hair. Come join me for my "Mother Daughter Workshop" It's free, but my sets are limited to you mothers. There are only 6  to 10 sets to make sure I'm able to do my very best in helping each mother. So register now for my Mother and Daughter Workshop Now.

PS. Please send a photos of you and your daughters hair, because I will be choosing one of you to be a model. I will need to know a little about the concerns you have with her hair. The products I will be using is my very own product line for healthier hair, that you can buy at the workshop. My products has helped other to grow hair for little girls and I know it will help you. So I hope to see you soon. 


Next Workshop 

Mother and Daughter Workshop
on Sunday 
In Houston, Texas
3:00 pm to 6:00 pm.
Tickets Sets are $15. with Sample Products


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