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Any information on these pages of this website is not attended to diagnose any illness or sickness. I use cosmetic treatment for all our clients that have hair loss or need hair restoration due to any internal imbalances that relate hair and scalp disorders. I am not a doctor or do not intend to make any claims for healing a client.

My Private Salon Services is listed under Healthy Hair Salon that has only one location and has only been in the Southwest Houston area. I am not in partnership or a sister salon/clinic to any other salons/clinic that name healthy hair or salon, clinic or that may try to use my names. I am the original Healthy Hair Clinic or Healthy HairSalon.

Your Person InformationI Is Not Shared or Sold To Any Other Company!

We do not sell, share, trade your personal information with any outside parties. You may see your name used in different marketing tools that I have for my salon it is still me. Such as our online booking, salon news, blog, emails, and salon updates are some the serve tool I use with my Logos attach. I will not ask you to send your personal information to me. You may go to my website to update your info if need. I send you a newsletter, salon events, and special/promotion through my email list, to let you know what I'm doing only.

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I have more than one website for my services, to help me manage my businesses. Healthy Hair Clinic for your hair services, wigs, custom hair systems, and additions. I always welcome your feedback, please send any feedback to the email jackie@healthyhairclinic.com.

Privacy Policy

We have the right to change our policy to better serve our clients needs and stay up today with the latest technology. We will always follow the laws and rules of our cosmetology commission. We will always post and send an email to your email address that you provided to us. If your information has changed, please update it by clicking on "stay connective" above.

Contacting Us

If for any reason you may need to contact us, we are open Tuesday – Saturday 10:00 am to 6:30 pm by appointment only for services. You can always send an email to us at jackie@healthyhairclinic.com. We will return your message within 36 to 48 hour by email. You can always request an appointment 24/7 by downloading my salon app (healthy hair clinic), to book/request your appointment now. Hair Loss consultations can only be made calling in to set an appointment. I am thankful that you visited my website and pray that I was helpful to you.

Please Note!
There Is One Location for Healthy Hair Salon or Healthy Hair Clinic: at this time we are not located in the north side of Houston or have two locations in any other area of Houston. We are not partner with any other owner that may say they are Trichology Salon/Clinic or Healthy Hair Salon or Clinic. Please note we "Are Not Apart Of Any Other Business". Our manager and owners are certified as a cosmetology and hair loss expert, please remember your hair loss or thinning is much more than trying to sell you products and hair vitamins for your hair loss and scalp disorders.

In Our Salon Clinic There Is A Private Rooms

1. Professional Hair Styling Studios
2. Wig & Extension Boutique
Please Read My DISCLAIMER:

Any information of these pages of this website is not attended to diagnose any illness or sickness. I use cosmetic treatment for all my clients that have hair loss or scalp disorders, I recommend hair restoration treatment that relate to any internal imbalances. I am not a medical doctor or do not intend to make any claims for healing a client.