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Ms. Jackie Creeks

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I have a Passion and Purpose for healthy, but let me tell you a little about me. I began studying Trichology in 1995 to help women restore their hair that where experiencing alopecia (hair loss) or scalp disorders. I wanted to give my clients options that would give them more confidence in their hairstyle and their image when other people see them. My first client from beauty school invited her mother that had no hair at all, the only hair was around her back hairline. This was the beginning of my hair extensions, color, and cuts service for hair thinning. 

At the time I didn't understand what God was doing until late in my life. I have always trust GOD to help me when having a challenging project. My mother was at the salon and she asked me "Jackie what are you going to do with her hair, she has none. I replayed "I don't know God will tell me." When I finish it was beauty and her confidence and face had a smile that changes my life. I knew it was a gift when my mother set all night to watch me create a sew-in with no hair. My mother said "I would not believe it, if I had not seen what you have created for her, with my own eyes, It is beautiful"


When helping my clients with hair extensions or design nonsurgical hair replacement for hair loss, my goal is to make it feel natural like their hair and undetectable to the other natural eye. There is so much in creating and transforming ones look to be natural. I'm thankful to God for my gifts to offer personal design of hair systems and additions to meet my clients' specific needs in concerning hair loss, thinning and Trichotillomania.


Developing Hair Products

God gave my grandmother Myrtle a gift that many call a green thumb. I never will forget her telling me you have the gift, I didn't understand what that means being a child at the time. As I grew up and I have loved to make products in my beauty profession. I begin to understand what she meant by the gift when my product started making clients hair grow back, it became a deep passion. I became interested in cosmetic chemistry to understand what happens scientifically when products are applied to my client’s hair. In my studies, I was able to understand why 75% of most people's hair is always in a distressed state and how I can help them.

I enjoy the beauty industry because there are so many different facets to study.  Learning about products and natural herbs have prepared me to develop a salon clinic to help clients with hair loss solutions and beauty alternatives. In late 2016 I launched my products line "Healthy Hair Essentials" for clients and the public.


I Attended A 5 Day Boot Camp  


Owning A Salon

My desire has always been to create a salon and hair clinic, I have to say that it has taken much hard work and having the help of GOD to become successful in the beauty business and I have loved every minute of it. GOD has recreated me as a businesswoman for today.

 Through this business journey, I have learned that when you are trying to create your dreams, there will always be something or someone that don't understand your destiny and try to keep you from staying focus. I have become a one person salon, to concentrate on my dreams of becoming this new businesswoman. In addition to running my salon, design products and developing a wigs company. This is when GOD changed my direction to a mini salon studio, where I design, and have classes for hair loss and thinning. This is a great direction for my business and I'm living my dream as a businesswoman. 



I Hope you enjoyed learning more about me and maybe I will see you at my salon clinic for services. If you don't mind, please subscribe and join my social platform through social media and share with you friends about my salon.