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If for any reason you may need to contact me, I am open Tuesday – Saturday by appointment only. You can always send an email to me at jackie@HealthyHairClinic.com.
Please give me time to return your message within 24 to 48 hour by email.


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You can always Book an appointment 24/7 here online. When requesting your appointment, I will confirm that I see You Have An Appointment.

For hair thinning, please remember that Hair Loss Consultations will always need to be booked with me by phone. I am thankful that you visited my website and hope that the information was helpful.


Healthy Hair Salon
3901 Bellaire Blvd. Suite 204 |  Houston, Texas 77025


713-988-HAIR (4247)




The location is conveniently located in the Braes Heights Shopping Center on the Southeast corner of Bellaire & Braes or maybe you know where Holcombe and Stella Link is located. I'm located on the second floor above Molina’s Cantina. You will love my location in West University, Bellaire and the world-renowned Medical Center.



If you are running late for your appointment booking, please let me know and I will do my best to accommodate you. Arriving late will only limit the time you had the plan to leave when other clients are having service also. Most important it will not affect your services being done, so you can enjoy your visit.


As a courtesy to all of my clients, I try to stay on time for each client that is having services and treatments, please remember as each client come in for their appointment, don’t get upset that your appointment will fall behind their appointment as clients come in. If for any reason I am behind, I will do my best to stay as close to your scheduled time as possible while giving you the same quality service.



Cancellations of all services require a 36-hour notice of Your Appointment Time. If You Miss the 36-hour notice, there is a cancellation fee of $35.00 (just as you would visit your doctor). This charge is for not allowing us the time needed to sale this booking service to other clients.


Please help us by calling in time, so that we can book someone for the booking time allowed. Thank you for your consideration and understanding. Suggestions are always welcome!

Request an Appointment or Call 713-988-1222


Please Read My DISCLAIMER:

Any information on these pages of this website is not attended to diagnose any illness or sickness. I use cosmetic treatment for all my clients that have hair loss or scalp disorders, I recommend hair restoration treatment that relates to any internal imbalances. I am not a medical doctor or do not intend to make any claims for healing a client.