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Are You Having Hair Or Scalp Concerns?

Join me for my personalize seminar, design for small to min size groups of 4 to 10 seating area. This small sitting adds a special touch to consecrate more on ones weakness, hair concerns to get to the root cause of ones problems. I also have one on one class for anyone in needed of a private class.

The Seminars or Workshops are designed by a professional Trichologist Jackie Creeks to give correct information for your concerns and to increase knowledge for Damage Hair, Natural Hair, Relaxers Hair, Healthy Hair with Chemical services. Workshops on Hair Thinning or Hair Loss, Hair Extensions and Nonsurgical Hair Replacement. Seminars, Classes or Workshops are held on Sunday and Mondays only. 

If you have any of these concerns with hair, register now for the next workshop. By registering now will put you in the position to get information on seminar first to attend one of my classes, seminars or workshops. Are maybe you would like to share the Information with a friend, that would be great, just share and leave a little about yourself and them, and the areas of concern.

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