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Hair Restoration Academy


Welcome To The Hair Restoration Academy is a training center to help new and season stylist build skills for success. My personalize classes and seminar are design for small and min size groups of 6 to 10 seating area. This small sitting adds a special touch to consecrate more on one's weakness, for a success class. I also have one on one class for anyone in needed of a private class.


Hair Restoration Academy classes are design for professional hair stylist whom want to increase knowledge and skill of Hair Thinning or Hair Loss, Cutting and Color, Hair Extensions and Nonsurgical Hair Replacement. The academy has classes on Sunday and Monday's only. My goal is to sharpen ones skills and to help them become an expert in what they do. If your clients are losing their hair and you haven't been able to help, these classes maybe for you.


Get the knowledge you need from a trained Trichologist in hair and scalp disorders will not only increase your bottom line, but will give you confidence in knowing you are helping your clients with the services they truly needed. Learn the Real Deal About Healthy Hair and advanced solutions for hair thinning, hair loss for any texture of hair and how to restore your clients hair.


If you ask yourself these question or maybe you have some concern about these question below. If you do, sign up for a consultation or a class to take you skills to the next level.


  • Do You Know Your Beauty Niches?
  • Do You Understand Natural And Chemical Hair Behavior?
  • Are Your Clients Losing Their Hair?
  • Are You Losing Clients Because Of Natural vs Relaxers?
  • Do You Need To Take Your Extensions To The Next Level?
  • Do You Want To Learn Nonsurgical Hair Replacement?


If these are some of your concerns class will be starting soon, so registering now will put you in the position to get information first to attend one of these classes, seminars or workshops.


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