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The Million Dollar Stylist Event 2016

The Million Dollar Stylist Event 2016

Have you every look for change to happen to come in your life and so how, some way it never turns out the way you think it should have. Now I can really say "I understand what they meant", you know the old people that has put so much of their life, though words and phrases in your life, without explaining more details, to what it really means. 

In the last to months I have been to two events that has push me into my purpose and passion. My life has alway been about business and mastering what I do. I enjoy changing lives and building people up for greatest, but when it would come to me, there was alway some type of holdup or holing me back to understand my true purpose and business together, even though I was doing it all the time.

God set me up with a mentor that has been working with me for over 3 years, that has develop into a friendship and respect of Godly sister ship. A business relationship to walk into my purpose. If you don't know or have a purpose, maybe you understand your purpose. I would like to tell you my secret that may change your life too. The best why I think I could sure this with you is by sharing a little of the videos from each event. Check them out below.

When you have a calling on your life and God wants to still use you he will find away to get His purpose and your attention. The key is you have to have an open mind!

Click the videos below.


You Must Set A Foundation  

The Setup Of A Divine Appointment With God!



Melvin Pillay talks about God, Business, and Money!

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