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It's Time For A Change!


2017 New Embracement
There is alway room for change in my life, specially when God is in control. I love what I do, and it has brought me much happiness. I have given this much thought, which is to focus more on helping women that are thinning or have hair loss; this have been a long time coming. You know when God! Wants you to do something, He will make you uncomfortable. In 2017, I will begin a new year, a change for greatness and a new direction, that I'm looking to embrace. Full of designing, styling, boldness, chic, fashionable and much travel.

With this new embracement I will have new hours and days. I will be opening 7 days a week, Sunday - Saturday By Appointment Only. That right!, but on Sunday's and Monday's, there will be only 4 spots for an appointment request. This is because in the medical center area, for my new location, for special clients needs, I'm adjusting my days and hours, but will be open for anyone. For new clients I welcome You! Below you will find a special promotion for you, I would love to meet you, book your appointment now, with a complementary consultation for services with Jackie Creeks. Here's a promotion for you!


Extensions & Nonsurgical Hair Replacement Install

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The Short Life

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