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Do You Have A Healthy Scalp?

Do You Have A Healthy Scalp

Many time when we go to the doctor to have our checkup, which is an important step to make sure our bodies are in good health. In this health report, we want to make sure there aren’t any health concern are we need to take care of. When getting this report have you ever thought about your scalp is left out of this yearly check. The scalp and hair is always over look for health imbalances. When your doctor wants a deeper report of some concern he/she may have they may ask for a blood or hair analysis test. Why is this so, is it because your scalp will tell the truth about some help concerns you may have.

Well I am a Trichologist, which stand for the study of hair and scalp disorders. I don’t practice medicine, but in my field I help and recommend clients to after alternative to betty health that relate to their hair and scalp.  You may find
many people say that they are trichologist, but all trichologist are not the same. They may study just the basic, while other study and practice in the area of the whole body. So this Trichology report is to open an understanding in my area beyond the basics of trichology and why your scalp plays an important part of help client with hair, scalp disorders that relate to the health.

When looking at your scalp I must look at the environment with you live in, is it hot, cool, dirty air or water. The environment will play a large part in the dryness of the hair and scalp. Your scalp should be free of buildup or residue, for the mouth of the follicle to receive topical treatment. Many times I find that clients are using the wrong type of shampoo for scalp and their scalp disorders. The scalp doesn’t need much oil that clients may apply to help with dryness or itching.
When looking under my scope I can see the oil that set on the scalp which is like drowning the follicle in oil
(meaning it is too much oil). Any type of oil basic product that doesn't absorb into the scalp and leaving an oily residue is not good for the follicle and sebaceous gland.  The hair may look dry but it's not. Some clients are using the wrong types of shampoo for oily hair. There are shampoos design for oily hair, dry hair and normal hair, but you will need to know which type of scalp condition you have.

Most of the time your hair will need needs moisture. You should not use a shampoo that make your hair feel soft or slick, this maybe a coating that is left on the hair, this coating may stop water absorption in the hair. When the cuticles doesn’t opening to let water in or become wet easily, your hair may have a coating on it, making the hair dry. When the hair is coated the cuticles are sealed with build up, the hair or scalp cannot absorb the right amount of moisture. When the scalp has an unhealthy environment there will be scalp disorders. I recommend using my Per-cleaner to remove buildup and dry scalp flakes creating an healthier environment to grow healthy hair is the first step in your scalp checkup.

Here are some of the results clients have seen from my “Healthy Scalp Check Up and using the Healthy Hair Essentials products. 


                   Buildup On The Scalp


I have clients that ask why my hair is not healthy, when take the client through a mini consultation. Where I look under the microscope to show them their scalp, they become very surprises of all the build up on their scalp. They are amazed of how the hair looks under the microscope, and have a understanding, that you must have a healthy scalp to grow healthy hair. Here are some demonstrations of how the hair looks on the microscope of build up, clog hair follicle.

After I use my Per-cleaning and Herbal Shampoo, you can see a difference too.


         Clog Follicles And Treatment 




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